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VOLTCAR methodology is built upon four interconnected innovation pathways


Design & Prototyping

The ‘Design & prototyping’ pathway is responsible for producing the VOLTCAR motor designs and their prototypes, which meet the set targets. This pathway also provides the needed subsystems like cooling and interfacing with the gear and the inverter hardware and control.


Ecodesign Approach

The ‘Ecodesign approach’ supports the ‘Design & prototyping’ pathway through analysis of different low rare material containing design choices, proposing structures that could enable easy assembly, disassembly, recycling and repurposing.

Further, this pathway also provides encapsulated magnet technologies to enable their dismantling intact and performs practical experimentation on removing the magnets from one of the VOLTCAR motor prototypes. For cases in which the repurposing of the magnets is not possible, we explore recycling the magnetic material as such without extracting the single elements.

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Digitalized Motor

The ‘Digitalized motor’ pathway introduces an over the life cycle digitalized motor with the purpose to guarantee optimal choices in different phases of the life cycle, also in the end of the first life.



The ‘Validation’ pathway takes care of the virtual and real testing of the VOLTCAR motor prototypes. Virtual testing is a key mean to, e.g., cut the costs and real testing a must for proving that the set targets have been met.